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Join Our 2019/2020 Screening Committee
scout film festival
Aug 20, 2019

Scout (Youth) Film Festival (Scout) is looking for individuals for our 2019/2020 screening committee. Scout is an annual, international event celebrating emerging filmmakers through short film. PLEASE email our Programming Team at to become a member of the 2019/2020 Scout Film Festival Screening Committee and learn more about the volunteer perks. We at Scout like to shower our screeners/volunteers with love, swag and more - film experience is appreciated, but not mandatory, film lovers encouraged! Screening begins in September...

Founded in 2015 with the vision of providing a platform for young voices to connect, Scout has developed into a global community network of thoughtful, creative dreamers, industry professionals, supporting sponsors who believe in empowering young filmmakers - future leaders. Since then, over 4000 filmmakers aged 24 and under (with a focus on 18 and under) from over 105 countries have submitted their short films. Each year Scout continues to attract high-caliber content for screening, award-winning film industry leaders to sit on our jury, offer workshops and mentorships and dedicated volunteers who keep us going on the ground during our annual festival (next festival date late Spring 2020 - in Boston).

In 2018, we launched a Career Development Program with our Emerging Storytellers Grant which led to a partnership with Jurassic World's Writer and Director, Colin Trevorrow. His involvement and perspective, dedication to mentorship, has brought profound validation to the hopes, dreams and hard work of our young storytellers and is pivotal in building strong, thoughtful future film leaders and artists. 

Please join us in building the fourth annual Scout Film Festival in Boston, MA.

Scout Film Festival

Scout Film Festival (Scout)—is a 501c3 non-profit organization that produces an annual international event celebrating emerging filmmakers - aged 24 and under - through film.
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