Scout Film Festival (Scout)—is a 501c3 non-profit organization that produces an annual international event celebrating emerging filmmakers - aged 24 and under - through film. 

From April 17-18, 2020— Scout's community of film lovers, storytellers, artists, and educators will celebrate the future of filmmaking with screenings, talks, workshops, and networking events. The Red Carpet main event will be held on Friday, April 17th at ICA

Scout produces an annual festival and offers an Educational and Career Development Program that runs throughout the year, which offers access to grants, workshops, intern and mentorship opportunities. The annual Emerging Storytellers Grant is sponsored by Jurassic World's Writer and Director, Colin Trevorrow.  


Our mission is to empower and connect filmmakers and audiences through a curated collection of diverse stories. Our team works to encourage creative thinking, connect emerging filmmakers with peers and industry leaders, and engage youth in making the world a better place through film.

Our story

Founded by Anna Colavito and cofounder Adriana Teresa Letorney with the vision of providing an international platform for young filmmakers to connect and further their professional skills and career—Scout has developed into a global community network of thoughtful and creative thinkers; visual storytellers, industry professionals, and partner organizations. Together, we work to empower young filmmakers - future leaders. 

Since its inauguration in 2015, over 4000 filmmakers aged 24 and under from 105 countries have submitted their films.  

Each year Scout continues to attract high-caliber content for screening, award-winning film industry leaders to sit on our jury, offer workshops and mentorships and dedicated volunteers who keep us going on the ground. Founded with the vision of providing a platform for young voices to connect, Scout has developed into a global community network of thoughtful, creative dreamers, industry professionals and supporting sponsors who believe in empowering young filmmakers - future leaders.

Scout produces an annual international event that celebrates and empowers emerging filmmakers through film. The event presents films, workshops, talks, youth/emerging art and music networking events and receptions. Scout offers a platform for emerging voices and talent around the world, giving validity and strength to young people who focus their energy on building meaningful connections through their art, through film and storytelling.

Scout has a meaningful impact on our community of international artists, not just in their filmmaking abilities, but in their desire to take action in their communities, to be connected to like-minded peers, and to make a difference in the world. By collaborating with them in this way, we empower them to amplify the impact they are able to have. Scout offers a home where emerging storytellers become energized with access to resources, direction, opportunities, connectivity, support, and a community of like-minded peers.

Scout Film Festival

Located in Stowe, Vermont, The Scout Film Festival (Scout) is an annual international event that celebrates teenage and emerging filmmakers through short film.
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